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I can do math.

I have had a bad relationship with math.
As a grade 2 student, I remember not really understanding what the teacher was getting at when she placed a handful of cubes on my desk and asked me to take some away.

Things became more fraught in grade 4 when I was one of 2 kids who was disqualified from a class taco party for not knowing all my times tables (we were eventually brought back into the fold).

I developed math anxiety which made things worse.

I excelled in other areas that involved language and I came to accept that I was just not a math person.

As a parent, I was determined not to pass on my anxiety about math to my daughter.  By then I was also running a business that involved daily math and I discovered things I actually liked about math.
I embraced math, outwardly at least, as much as possible.

One day this week, my daughter wanted me to help her with her math homework.
I took on the task with gusto, not betraying my underlying self-doubt. I stared for a very long time at th…

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